Oh Bedelia !!


While our last image of the dear doctor in season 2 revealed her on an airplane with Hannibal, the next to the last image (ep 12) was of her talking with Jack. Just whose side are you on Bedelia? Will she turn on Hannibal or Will? No matter the outcome, there is no doubt that Gillian Anderson will execute her role in season 3 to perfection.

Ladies & Gentlemen – meet Francis Dolarhyde

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Actor Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) has clambered aboard the cannibal drama, taking on the role of Francis Dolarhyde. Fans of Thomas Harris’s original series of novels will recognize the name, and perhaps tremble with fear a smidgen as they recall his evil ways captured brilliantly in Red Dragon.

After two seasons which have thus far consisted of some of television’s finest visuals in years, Hannibal‘s take on Harris’s novels stand as a perfect example of how to do the source justice. While the events of the stories aren’t reproduced with a strict loyalty to the books, the changes have worked wonders in the weekly format. Twinned with intricate, emotional explorations of law enforcement that’s rarely mentioned by lighter procedural fare, and Hannibal has proven that big networks don’t have to pander to stagnant traditions.

Season 3 of NBC’s dark, brooding series, Hannibal, isn’t expected to hit our screens until sometime this spring, but now we know of at least one new face slated to appear.

Spy Photos Reveal Filming For Hannibal Season 3 Has Begun In Ontario

After filming scenes for season 3 in Italy last month, Hannibal has resumed filming in Ontario, this week.  Just before they went on their holiday hiatus, stars Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy were spotted filming a dramatic scene in Florence, in which a blood-spattered Mads staggered down the street looking like he might be on the run.

According to the Toronto Film Office, the show will continue filming in the Toronto area through April.

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Season 3 Production In Full Swing

H1H4H2H3The cast of Hannibal has been recently spotted on location in Florence, filming scenes for the much anticipated season 3.  While remaining tight-lipped over what exactly we can expect, it is plain to see Hannibal & Bedelia have new attire, while Jack seems to be sporting a scruff beard.  (after all he has had a pretty rough couple of seasons).    Regardless of the twists and turns, there is no doubt the next season of Hannibal will be just as elegantly horrific as the prior two.