Hannibal named BEST RETURNING SHOW of 2014


In its 16th Annual Golden Tomato Awards, Rotten Tomatoes named Hannibal as the Best Reviewed returning show of 2014 and the Best Reviewed TV series in Sci-Fi Fantasy series category.  For its second season, Hannibal received a 97% approval out of 100 with Rotten Tomatoes commending it for its “powerful imagery and a strong, unpredictable story.” These reviews are one of those things that will make you think you will not be disappointed once Hannibal Season 3 release date comes.

Hannibal joins a rich line-up of Best Returning TV Show awardee. Breaking Bad won it in 2013 for its fifth season, beating Game of Thrones Season 3 and Parks and Recreation Season 6.  Just last month, the pain of waiting for Hannibal Season 3 release date was somewhat forgotten as the show was named by Wall Street Journal as the Best TV series of 2014.

“Virtually alone among television dramas, network or cable, it demands that viewers make an imaginative leap and see its nightmarish action as both figurative and emotionally real. It’s also one of the scariest shows in TV history, delivering images every week so potent that they lodge in the viewer’s memory like rusty barbs.”


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