BREAKING NEWS – Michael Pitt Leaving Hannibal Cast!


Michael Pitt, the actor who played sociopathic meat-packing magnate Mason Verger in Season 2, is not returning to the series and will be replaced by Joe Anderson. The decision not to return was Pitt’s, according to sources. Anderson recently posted a picture of himself in full Mason Verger realia on Instagram.



Season 3 Production In Full Swing

H1H4H2H3The cast of Hannibal has been recently spotted on location in Florence, filming scenes for the much anticipated season 3.  While remaining tight-lipped over what exactly we can expect, it is plain to see Hannibal & Bedelia have new attire, while Jack seems to be sporting a scruff beard.  (after all he has had a pretty rough couple of seasons).    Regardless of the twists and turns, there is no doubt the next season of Hannibal will be just as elegantly horrific as the prior two.

Is Season 3 Coming Early?


According to show runner Bryan Fuller, filming is in full swing and on schedule.  Although publicity is tight, we continue to receive a few crumbs of tasty teasers. With NBC’s Constantine being cut short, might we expect to see season 3 air a little earlier than May?  We can only hope.  NBC … are you listening?